Historical Fiction Romance

Romance Fiction | Who Rules The World | Yang Yang & Zhao Lusi | Chapter 1


In the middle of the night ,  the stars were dispersed like sparse raindrops , dotted in the dark sky. A bright moon is luminating.

On the highest peak of the East-Cangmang Mountain , under the mapping of the stars and the moon , the scene looked like a jade birch standing on the plains and moonlight looked like a thin silver gauge covering the mountains , lining the noble mountain. Proudly , it was worth the title of “King Mountain”.

On The Top of The High Mountain , two elderly men were sitting opposite each other , one in a white robe and the other in a black robe. They were both about fifty years old and their appearences were clear. Between the two of them was a square boulder , the top of which had been cut flat , and then carved into a chessboard with many stones embedded on it. There were several large stones next to both of them. When they needed to place a piece, they will take from the pile of stones and compress them and then rub it at their will. The stone becomes a flat round chess piece. When the chess piece fell again , it was embedded into the big stone by an inch with an inch exposed.

On The Chessboard, the game was midway and the two sides are evenly matched. It is still difficult to assume who will win in the end.

“ These clear stars and moons have not been witnessed for a long time.” The white Robed Old man suddenly moved his contemplative gaze away from the chess game, raised his head and looked up at the sky full of stars and moon , feeling quite emotional.

“it is hard to be clear in this troubled times.” The black-robed old man also looked at the night sky, “ These times are over , the new era has come.” There was a hint of expectation in his voice.

“It has appeared. Finally , it has appeared.” An expression of excitement suddenly appeared in the calm eyes of the white robed old man.

At that particular moment , another star suddenly rose on the sky with a dazzling light as if the entire world could only allow it to be the brightest star.

“ Look……Sure Enough……it has also appeared.” There was an unstoppable excitement on the black robed old man’s thin face.

“They…..finally came.” The white-robed old man stood up and looked at the two bright moon stars on the sky.

“So….this troubled world is finally coming to an end.” The black-robed old man got up and stood side by side with the white-robed old man, looking at the two stars on the sky that were facing each other and shining brightly.

“The troubled times will end in their hands , but the nine heavens have destined only to have one king star. When the stars meet , which will survive?” The white-robed old man raises his hand up , as if to touch the stars in the sky. There was excitement in his tone and unpredictable doubts about the future.

The two shining stars in the sky suddenly slowly converged their light , not as dazzling as they are just now , but they are still much brighter than the surrounding stars.

“When the stars meet , which will survive and which will fall…..it may be upto them, or it maybe determined by fate.” The black-robed man’s voice was quite and long as if coming from eternity.

“Fate….” A trace of regret and melancholy flashed in the eyes of white-robed old man.

“Yes…. That cannot be decided neither by you nor by me.” The black-robed old man withdrew his gaze to the chess game in front of him, “ should we continue to play this game?”

The white-robed man also retracted his gaze from the sky , looked at the mid game in front of him , and then shook his head, “Since You and I cannot decide , then why should You and I finish it?” He raised his finger to the starry sky, “Let’s wait for them to play.”

“them?” The black-robed old man looked at the chess game and then at the starry sky and smiled , “That’s good. Let’s leave it for them to play.”

The white-robed old man flicked his sleeves and turned around, “ Let’s go down the mountain , its time for us to look for them.”

“Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-……” The White-robed old man chuckled.

The two floated away, leaving only the half of the game at the top of boundless mountain.

In the future , if someone climbed Cangmang Mountain , they will be amazed when they see such a game of chess on the top of the mountain, perhaps no one will move it. And there are not many people who can climb the highest mountain in the east , and those who climb are not ordinary people. Since someone left the end game , naturally someone will come to complete it.

Many years later , two people followed their fate and finally met on the top of the vast mountain, facing the chess game left to them.

It was the second year of Dadong Jinyan’s reign when the two old men left the chess game on the top of thje vast mountain.

It has been more than 600 years since the period of Dadong was handed down from the founding emperor weilie to emperor Jingyan.

Emperor Weilie Dong Shixiu was born in commoner clothes. He was born in troubled time but had ambitions. He led a group of brothers from nothing and rose to millions of soldiers. He finally swept all the heroes and settled the world. With the surname “Dong” as the country’s name , he established Dadong Empire. Later due to the bestowed merit and deeds , the seven most prominent tribes were crowned as kings. These seven kings are – The king of Jizhou- Huang Di , The King of Minzhou – Ningyuan , The King of Youngzhou – Fengji and Beizhou – Wang Baiyama , Youzhou King – HuajingTai , Qingzhou King – Feng Duying , Shangzhou King – Beiyue. A black iron obtained from the bottom of the north sea was cast into an eight sided mysterious order, the largest of which was named as “Xuanji” to be owned by Emperor and the small seven sides was named “Xuanshu” which was bestowed on each of The King of Seven States. When The Emperor gave the order, the emperor and the seven kings were allied in blood : Xuanji is the supreme and Xuanshu is The Loyal.

Emperor Weilie , Emperor Taixing , Emperor Xining and Emperor Chengkang are all masters of Ming Dynasty.They recruited talents appreciated the hardship of the people , lightly punished and taxed and had clear politics. The princes and states were safe and loyal. The dynasty was in the good hands and the ministers become stronger and stronger.

In the mid-term of several emperors such as Yong’an , Yanping , Honghe etc although not very talented , were still regarded as master of Success. However , by the time of Emperor Zhenguang , Emperor Tiantong and Emperor Shengli were all mediocre masters , coveting ease and pleasure , neglecting political affairs and any treacherous minister who controlled the government , the powerful dynasty gradually declined.

Then came The Emperor Baoqing , who liked luxury and women , renovated the guidian orchid palace and collected all the beauties from all over the world and was so happy. He sent troops twice to win the battle and all of them were defeated. The domestic wealth was exhausted and people were suffering and complaining. With news spreading everywhere , First , King Min of Minzhou wielded his army and wanted to take his place but Emperor Baoqing did not wait for Minzhou’s  army to reach the Imperial Capital , his abused body collapsed in the luxurious lichi palace due to panic.

The crown prince ascended the throne , and the reign was “Shengyou”. Emperor Shengyou invited the “Xuanji” in the high heaven hall and ordered the princes of the world to command the Emperor of Qin , and finally the six states army defeated the army. The King of Min was at the end of his Journey and died of suicide. His command was divided into the neighbouring three states of yongzhou Fengshi , Jizhou huangshi and Qingzhou Fengshi.

After the rebellion of The King of Fujian was ended , the power of the princes of the various states took hold. Although the Emperor Shengyou has aspirations, but Dadong was already a remnant of all diseases and the emperor was shot with an arrow in the rebellion of The King of Fujian , and had been sick for less than three years. He died without a son, his younger brother Li Wang Suceeded , and his reign was “ChunXi”.

Emperor Chunxi was cruel and did not indulge in gold or beauties, but he loved hunting. And his hunting was not animal hunting , but human hunting. He scattered the living people around the hunting ground. He led his attendants and courtiers go to the jungle with him and hunted the people like wild beasts, either capturing or shooting them. The one with more heads won. If the hunted was captured alive , he will open up and drink for fun. At the beginning , these living people who were hunted were only prisoners on death row , called “live hunting”. Later , when there were not enough death row prisoners , they took all the prisoners who had committed any crime to the hunting ground. Finally , when there were not enough Prisoners , the civilians were arrested.

Such atrocities aroused the whole country’s indignation and rebels rose up from tiem to time everywhere. However , after the two conquests and the rebellion of the King of Fujian , The Emperor’s direct line of troops was nearly exhausted. Emperor Chunxi had to ask the Princes to send troops to suppress them, so the princes blatantly recruited troops and rushed to kill each other. Expansion of their territory and wealth and there were frequent attacks between countries , and the emperor had no power to restrain the countries at this time.

In The eleventh year of Chunxi , When the emperor was hunting at the Qiuji hunting ground in the suburbs, the live hunted people finally rebelled and killed the emperor. Then They rushed to the imperial capital where the princes and nobles lived , and many people responded along the way. Thousands of Rebels were assembled. They invaded the imperial capital city which was caught off guard and attacked the splendid palace…finally although The Commandar of the forbidden army , Dongshu , led the army to suppress it , this time of resistance was left in the history. He made a clear stroke which is called “ auspicious hunting change” in history.

After the collapse of Emperor ChunXi , the prince ascended the throne , with the reign of “Jingyan”.

After Emperor Jingyan ascended the throne , he found that Xuanji in The High Heaven Palace had disappeared during the riot. The Princes took this as an excuse to claim that “the imperial family lost its virtue and Xuanji abandoned them: and no longer respected the imperial family. So far , The Great Eastern Empire began to fall apart and entered in an era in which the six states were governed by themselves.



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