Fan Fiction One-Shot

TaecGui Alternate Meeting (GWGM Season 1 Short)


Taecyeon grumbling to himself why he had to do that show, it is just beyond him. There still WooYong, ok he can’t cause he has IU but then what about Jun.K? Or even ChangSung! WHY HIM! From what he heard that girl is a clueless girl and childish to the boot! He might not show it but he is definitely not someone with enough patience to handle such a girl and not to mention someone from Taiwan. What happen if she fawn over him! Okie maybe not, given the fact that she is also an artist.

“Hyung!” with that Taecyeon grab the knot and open the room without looking at the tag which clearly stated Gui Gui on the outsides instead of MBLAQ. You see the productions had temporarily move GO to the next building since this room will be off a better excess for Gui Gui. So instead of GO, it was Gui Gui that he face who is currently only clad in her bra and undies, dumb founded

Taecyeon came to a full stop. Everything stood still, standing in the middle of the room stood a girl so petite that she can pass for a high schooler. However her body is not of a high schooler, not too rounded and not too fleshy and her eyes it was so big and that you can drown in it.

“Have you finished staring?” Gui Gui who is the first to regain her wit, asked, and pride stop her from screaming and flung that guy out of her room and screaming in her head berating her manager for forgotten to tuck in the lock when she went out just now.

“Sorry!” with that Taecyeon retreated and slammed the door shut and with lightning move, Gui Gui slammed the lock on before sliding down onto the floor hoping instead that the floor would open up and swallow her whole! While Taec was still dumbfounded, looking up for the first times he saw that the plate on the door is actually Gui Gui and not GO, damnations! He starts thinking to himself. Hang on, stopping himself short, holy crap! That his wife!

“Ah hell,” Gui Gui muttered to herself, that is Ok Taecyeon, “Fuck it! How the hell am I supposed to face him later then?”

With that the two individuals goes on dwelling, Taec walks slowly away after casting another glance at the close door, while Gui Gui pick herself up from the floor and tried to shove it out of her minds and get change; she is a professional after all. It not like they had never changes their clothes in a room full of people shoving it behind her and telling herself it’s really nothing. However the moment Taec look up and look into her eyes, something had change along the way.

Who would have thought that they would meet this ways? Something connected the moment they look into each other eyes, even though it only for a mere split 10 seconds but somehow something happen. What does the future hold in stores for these two individuals as different as day and night?

After the initial shock wore off, everything was rolling, and Taec looks nervous sitting at the café waiting for his wife to turn up, he was wondering to himself how the hell he is supposed to act neutral or shock or what…damnation that is the…for once in his life Taec is at lost…and he was wondering whether Gui Gui know who is he at all…and how will she react? Will she act as if she never met him before or what?

A figure walked past the front window circling the window, a petite figure that could only be her when Taec caught a glimpse at it, holding both his hands tightly, his anxious was caught on film as excitement of meeting his wife for the first times, and he wonder what the audience reaction will be if only they knew.

As she pushed the door in slowly, Taec’s agitations mounts together with anticipations, he really wanted to see how she will handle this after meeting or does she already knew? However it was him who render speechless, as she walked in upon setting eyes on him, she laughed with her hands covering her mouth, her eyes light up and upon her laughter the whole café light up.

Everything from then on roll, their meal their ganbae, it was as if she was the one leading him around but it couldn’t be help, she acted like was really their first meeting, the only thing that betray her was when they click their cups together and her glare at him, and he knew it was her way of getting back at him for walking in on her.

However when the chocolate was down, he felt that somehow they had a neutral ground again, and somehow this filming will be as exciting and quite the opposite of what he had dreaded. As everyone was wrapping up, Taec took a walk to where Gui Gui was sitting waiting for them to move to the next destinations of their shooting, and she was busy tapping away at her phone.

“Hey,” Taec called out.

“Hi,” Gui Gui lifted her head before smiling at him and turn back to her phone.

“Erm…” Taec wanted to go on but for the first times in his life, this girl isn’t paying attention to him.

“Yes?” Gui Gui looked up, she knew this was coming, heaving a sigh inwardly, she guess she really should let it go, she knew he didn’t do it on purpose and besides she had gotten back at him with that chocolate.

“I’m sorry about just now,” Taec apologize, guess he should be a gentlemen after it was his mistakes for not knocking before entering.

“Hmmm…” Gui Gui went into a silence, debating a little before she let out a laughter, “Oh well, it isn’t totally your faults, besides it my Jie faults for not locking that door.”

“So I’m forgiven?” Taec smiled, when he thought he will dread working with this girl and how wrong he had been, this seems going to be fun working with her.

“Oh well it wasn’t your faults,” Gui Gui smiled, and genuinely, she wasn’t one to really hold grudges for long and if they are going to film for another 3 months together, it for the best. “Let it be shall we?”

“Cool,” Taec smiled and put his hands forwards for a hand shakes, “Let’s introduce ourselves again shall we?”

“Hi, I’m Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie,” Gui Gui took Taec hands into a shake.

“Hi, I’m Ok Taec Yeon,” Taec hands engulf Gui Gui hands into his and both smiles at each other, somehow in a way in a sense, understanding past thru the both of them, something both never felt before with any other. How will it be? And how will it roll?


The End