Romance Fiction | Who Rules The World | Yang Yang & Zhao Lusi | Chapter 3

The White-clothed Woman blinked her eyes when she heard the words and looked at the white robed general , “ Do you know me?” It can be regarded as admitting that she indeed is the “Heroine Feng” in his mouth.


The Young General in white armour stared at her forehead , where there was a meniscus snow jade strung with black pearls the size of rice grain. He lowered his silver spear and bowed to her respectfully , “ known as Snowy Moon in plain clothes Bai Feng Xi is known to all, let alone a small figure as myself.”


Everyone was shocked when he said this. Especially He Xun could not help but be thankful that the hidden weapon in his hand had not been released just now , otherwise , this handful of poisonous weapon must have returned to him.


You must know that the most famous martial artists today are Feng Xi ( meaning literally wind of the night ) and Femng Xi ( literally meaning abundant breath). Because they have the same pronounciations , their name are easy to be confused. “People in the martial arts refer to the color of their clothes , naming FengXi as “Bai FengXi” according to her white clothes and FengXi as “Hei FengXi” , collectively naming them as “Bai Feng Hei Xi”. They have been famous for nearly ten years  and they are the best in the world.  They thought that their age was not old , at least about thirty or forty , but they never thought that Baoi FengXi was such  ayoung and handsome woman., let alone that she would appear here/


“Hehe , you don’t need to be so polite. If you make me dissatisfied with your compensation , my white silk will wrap around your neck.” Feng Xi sat on the branch , shaking her legs left and right , behind her. her long hair also swayed lightly with her movements, “ looking at you holding the silver spear, you are probably The General Chuanyun from Yongzhou , Ren Chuanyun. “Its Chuanyun.” Ren Chuanyun replied respectfully , and then asked, “Is Heroine Feng also interested in Xuanji?”


“I am not interested in Xuanji.” Feng Xi shook her head. “Its just Yan Yingzhou I have an appetite for. It’s a pity if he loses his life  here. So I want to take him away.” She downplayed her tone, as if taking him away a stone for her and the heroes of the six states are nothing in her eyes.


“Nonsense , you said it was for Yan Yingzhou , in fact isn’t it not for the thing in his body? This kind of pretense is to deceive a three year old child so save it when in front of Lao Tzu!” A bearded man could not help but curse while hearing this.


“It is important to know that everyone here is for this xuanji, some are here for what they want , some are bought with a lot of money to be here , some are obeying the orders of the kings of various countries. Xuanji is the supreme thing in the world and the phrase , “He who wins the order will win the world” has attracted countless people even if he can’t order the world and whoever doesn’t want to be The Supreme Lord Of The Country , he only needs to give this Xyanji to another by selling to any Country’s Owner, that glory and wealth will come to him.


“What a smelly mouth!”


“My Master really wants Xuanji , I don’t know if the heroine can let me get it from Yan Yingzhou?” Trn Chuanyun turned a blind eye to this and just asked Bai FengXi.


“Why , does Young Master Lanxi want to be the lord of the world too?” Feng Xi tilted her head and looked at him with a smile but she did not wait for him to answer again, “ its just that Yan Yingzhou id desperate to protect this thing so I think let’s just live it with him.”


“In that case , Heroine Feng does not agree with Chuanyun to take it away?” Ren Chuanyun narrowed his eyes and his hand tightened around the silver spear.


“What? Do you want to take it by force?”


Feng Xi glanced lightly at Ren Chuanyun, without any movement , the white silk in her hand flew as if it had a life of its own , like a white dragon swinging wildly in the air. In a moment , everyone felt only one thing. The  fierce and overbearing aura was overwhelming , trapping them and making them unable to move. They couldn’t help fighting against each other , but every time the “white dragon” swayed , the momentum increased again. Everyone gritted their teeth and tried to get support desperately. They all knew in their hearts that if this momentum was stopped , even if they did not die , they would have lost half their life.

Ren Chuanyun’s silver spear was squeezed tightly in front of him, the tip of the spear pointed at the white silk, and he stared at the white silk dancing in the air without blinking. The whole body was concentrated in his arms, but as the pressure increased , the tip of the spear kept trembling and the heads holding the spear were almost numb with pain , and his legs trembling slightly , he could not hold any longer , the force was pressing him down.


Suddenly , the white silk rolls up , and then falls gently , everyone felt that their whole body loosen and their bnreath held in their chest finally exhaled , but then the whole body felt weak and totally collapsed and just want to fall in sleep.


When Ren Chuanyun’s pressure was relieved , only his throat felt sweet , he swallowed quickly , knowing that he would have already suffered internal injuries. Unexpectedly , at this young age , BaiFengxi had such a high level of internal strength , that she could suppress the audience even without any movement. The only good news is that she is merciful and did not kill anyone.


“ I want to take Yan Yingzhou away , can you agree?” Feng Xi’s light voice sounded again.


Everyone was unwilling in their heart , but they were frightened by her martial arts and did not dare to speak.


“Heroine Feng , please do so.” Ren Chuanyun adjusted his breath, took the silver spear away and led his subordinate out of the circle.


“Why? Don’t want Xuanji anymore?” Feng Xi looked at him with a smile , her eyes were so bright as to penetrate his souls and see all his thoughts clearly.


Ren Chuanyun also smiled faintly and said, “My master once said that if you encounter Bai Feng and Hei Xi , Master Yu Wuyuan , Huang Chao , Prince of Jizhou  Dynasty and The Princess Xiyun of Qingzhou , regardless of victory or defeat , as long as you can retreat , you will be rewarded.


“Really?” Feng Xi waved her hand and the long white silk flew back into her sleeve. “Young Master LanXi really does give us such respect?”


“The Young Master once said that only these five people are worthy of being his friend or enemy.” Ren Chuanyun glanced at Feng Xi and then smiled deeply, “ If the Heroine Feng arrives in Yongzhou in the future  , our master will definitely meet her with the “Shili Jinpu” to welcome her.


In Dadong , “Shili Jinpu” is the most dignified etiquette for the princes to greet each other , but no matter how powerful feng Xi’s martial arts and reputation are , she is just a common person. How can a prince of a country use this courtesy? Thinking about it , Ren Chuanyun’s remarks were just a courtesy talk.


:Shili Jinpu? I am afraid it will be replaced by Shili Sword Formation.” Feng Xi was unmoved by this and her expression was faint, “ and you, if you did not have a taste of it just now , you wouldn’t want to retreat, right?”


Ren Chuanyun’s face changed slightly when he heard the words, but he immediately returned to normal. “I often hear from my master that the five masters are peerless masters but have never been able to see them. Today , I am fortunate enough to meet Heroine Feng. I would like to ask the Heroine Feng for advice. If I offemnd you , please overlook it.”


“Really?” feng Xi said faintly and lightly leaped , standing on the branch and everyone below could not help but be wary.


Feng Xi glanced at the crowd , a small smile appeared at the corner of her mouth and then looked at Ren Chuanyun , “ if you still give a little consideration to the heroism of Yan Yingzhou , and not like just now , when you thought of wanting to take advantage of the situation , I will not spear you.”


“Thank You, I , Chuanyun , for your mercy.” Ren Chuanyun lowered his head , clenching the silver spear involuntarily.

“Haha…. To have a subordinate like you shows how great Young Master Lan Xi is. In the future if fated to meet , I will definitely ask Young Master Lanxi for advice in person.” Feng Xi suddenly raised Yan Yingzhou and flew away and disappeared in a blink of eye. Only the voice came from a distance, “I will not be with you all today , if there is anyone who wants to take Xuanji , then follow.”


Seeing Feng Xi going away , Ren Chuanyun’s subordinates behind him could not help asking, “General, do you give up?”

Ren chuanyun waved his hand to stop them and said, “Bai Feng Xi is not someone You and I can deal with. Go back and ask the master before.”


“Let’s go.” Ren Chuanyun did not greet the others, leading his subordinates to turn around and leave.


After Ren Chuanyun left , Everyone in the forest looked at each other , not knowing whether it was better to be dispersed or to chase after her.

He Xun clasped his fist and said, “Everyone , I will first leave , whether you can take Xuanji from Bai Feng Xi , let’s rely on our own luck.”

After speaking , she turned around and left. When the rest of them saw her leaving , they dispersed in a short while , leaving a few corpses in the forest and Zeng Fu who has his wrist cut off , fainted on the ground.


As the Sun rises and the moon sets , it was another day.

The sky was sparkling with brightness , and there was still a shallow waning moon on the sky , however its brightness has been slowly overpowered. In the faint morning light , mist enveloped the peaks of Xuan Mountain that stood like a pen and the mountains were quite and picturesque.

In a cave on the north peak of Xuan Mountain , one could hear a very shallow grunt , which was made by a man lying in the cave. After grunting , he woke up and glanced his eyes around and then he sat up. Propping up his arms , he left a painful cry.

“You are awake.” He heard a clear and slightly lazy voice of a woman.

“Who are you?” The man asked aloud. His voice was hoarse.

“Yan Yingzhou , how can you have such an attitude towards your saviour?” The woman at the entrance of the cave stood up and walked towards him , holding a wooden comb in her hand , stroking the hair on her chest.

“Did you save me?” Yan Yingzhou asked back, and then remembered the silver spear that pierced him unconscious and other things that happened earlier. He hurriedly tried to touch behind him but did not find anything. Rather he touched his wound and winced in pain. It was then only he realized that his upper body was bare and he just has a pair of trousers on underneath.

“Are you looking for that?” The woman’s hand pointed to his left. There was a pile of rags, which was still stained with dried blood. There was a bag beside the rags. “Don’t worry, I did not take it or touch it.” The Woman seemed to see through his mind and added another sentence.

Yan Yingzhou raised his head and looked at her when he heard the words. Only then did she discover that this woman has extremely clear and handsome eyebrows with a snowy jade crescent on her forehead and she wore a loss white dress with black hair. The hair was draped in a straight bun and the whole person was indescribable and casual.

“Bai Feng Xi?” Yan Yingzhou looked at the snowy jade moon ornament on her forehead.

“Its not Hei Feng Xi.” Feng Xi nodded and smiled , “ Are the four generals of Jizhou – wind , frost , snow and jade are not afraid of death like you? Last night I counted them , without including those old scars , there are a total 38 wounds on your body. Ordinary people if they don’t die , they have to be in a coma for at least three to five days. But not only did you not die , you woke up after only one night of sleep and still looked pretty good.

“You ……. Counted the scars?” Yan Yingzhou asked shocked thinking what he is wearing just now.

“Yes. I counted all over your body.” Feng Xi took a step closer, put the comb in her hand, looking at his reaction , she replied playfully , “You have suffered so many injuries , I had to put the medicine on it. So when I was putting the medicine , I had to naturally see those scars so I counted them. Also your clothes have become rags , so I took it off and put the medicine on your wounds on my own.”

Before she could finish her words , Yan Yingzhou’s face was already full of blood and felt flushed.

“Ah , why is your face so red?are you feverish?” Feng Xi looked at Yan Yingzhou and exclaimed in surprise and stretched out her hands to touch his forehead.

The cool hand touched his forehead and he immediately moved back in shock, “Don’t touch me.”

“Huh?” Feng Xi turned her head to look at him, “Is it that you are not having a fever but you are blushing? You blush because you are shy? You are shy because I have seen you all over and touched you all over?”

Yan Yingzhou only felt that all the blood in his body were in his face when he heard the words. Looking at the smile on Feng Xi’s face , he was speechless. After a while , he exclaimed, “You are a woman. Why are you so……so……………..” The rest of the words were mumbled and could not be heard.

“Haha.” Feng Xi laughed loudly when she heard this, she did not have the gentleness and demure of a woman but she laughed so naturally and comfortably, “ I am what??? Haha………. You must have never seen a woman like me before?”

Stimulated by Feng Xi’s laughter , Yan Yingzhou could not help but say , “if all women in the world are like you…….” The words afterwards were swallowed again. He was not good at speech and had a honest nature so he could not bear to speak rudely to his saviour in front of him.

“How about if all women are like me?” Feng Xi had a pair of eyes with a deep smile and the expression on her face was a bit playful, “Actually , I have rarely met a man like you. I looked at you and touched you, there is no loss for you but I did not mean to do that. You must know that I was trying to save you.”

Feng Xi’s word about ‘looking at him and touching him’ made the blood that had faded away on Yan Yingzhou’s face come back again.

“Yeah. You are blushing again!” Feng Xi yelled as if she found something funny, “Is it possible………” she rolled her eyes and smiled very strangely. “Is it possible that you have never been touched or seen by a woman? Yeah , your face is even redder ! Is it true that I was right? Oh , I can’t believe it , I think General Gale is a famous hero , and you should be narly thirty years old , right? Haven’t even touched a woman yet? Tsk , Tsk …. It’s really a wonder in the world.”

Yan Yingzhou’s face was comparable to the morning glow. After a long pause , he finally spit out such a sentence , “So is Bai Feng Xi like this?” How can the famous heroine be so unruly?

“Yes , I am like this.” Feng Xi nodded and then leaned close to him, “Did I disappoint the general?”

Yan Yingzhou retreated as soon as she saw her approaching. Unexpectedly , this movement affected all the wounds all over his body. “Ah!” The pain made him unable to breath.

“Don’t move!” Feng Xi hurriedly held him down, “I used all of my wound medicine on you and had stopped the bleeding. Take a look. Now its split again.” He glanced over his whole body and suddenly stopped under his ribs.  There was a deep wound left by Gong Wudu’d iron fan. The blood flowing out at this time was actually black.

“The fan is poisonous. Although I sucked a lot of poisonous blood for you out yesterday , it seems that the poison had not been removed. There is no antidote now with me. What can I do now? Feng Xi could not help but twisted her eyebrows.

“You sucked the poisonous blood for me?” Yan Yingzhou was stunned when he heard it and when he looked at her lips , he suddenly felt that the wound under her ribs is as under fire.

“If I don’t , I am afraid , you would have died last night.” Feng Xi did not notice his expression, turned around and walked to the entrance of the cave , carrying a water bag and a few wild fruits and said , “you are hungry too. First eat a few fruits and then I will fo down the mountain to find some medicine and clothes for you.” She handed him the water sac and fruits and said , “ those people from yesterday have not given up on Xuanji yet and maybe they are still searching for you on this mountain. Do not run around. If they come , hide first. I will come to you.” After that she turned around and left.

Seeing that Feng Xi was about to disappear , Yan Yingzhou could not help but call out , “Wait!”

“You……you……..I…………” yan Yingzhou ‘ummed’ for a long time but could not say a word.

“Do you want to thank me? You want me to be careful?” Feng Xi guessed and looked at his amused, “Yan Yingzhou . how did you become General Gale? Why are you so awkward? Hey , I saved you and looked at your whole body. Do you want me to be responsible for your innocence? Do you want to repay my life saving grace with the promise of your body?”

“You…….” Yan Yingzhou stared at Feng Xi speechless.

He was already famous as a young man , he is reticient and serious by nature. He was ranked first amongst the four general in Jizhou. The prince also treated him very seriously , his colleagues respected him very much and his subordinates obeyed him. How could anyone treat him like Feng Xi? Her words and deeds…. This woman has no constraint.

“Hehe….. the dignified General Gale …. It’s really fun.” Feng Xi could not help laughing again. “Are all the four generals as fun as you? Then I must go to Jizhou someday and have some fun.” While smiling , she turned around and walked outside the cave. When she reached the entrance , she turned her head back to look at him. The smile on her face was even brighter than the rising sun outside the cave , and it was set against the glow behind her. Yan Yingzhou was dazzled for a moment.

“Yan Yingzhou , let me tell you one last thing that is…………. Although you have lots of scars, your figure is still worth seeing…..Hahahahahaha…………..”

After saying that , she left the cave while laughing vigorously , leaving General Gale , who was red faced inside the cave wishing to dig a hole and bury herself.

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