Historical Fiction Romance

Romance Fiction | Who Rules The World | Yang Yang & Zhao Lusi | Chapter 2

In the first days of autumn , the weather was still very hot and noon was the hottest time of the day. The scorching sun literally baked the earth and most people took refuge in their homes or under the shade of trees.


Just at the foot of Xuan Mountain in the western part of Beizhou , there was a sight of several people chasing someone under the scorching sun. At the Forefront was a man in black.

“yan Yingzhou , you have nowhere to escape.”


After the black-clothed man was forced into the dense forest in the mountains , a group of people surrounded him. There were soldiers in military uniform , scholars in confucian robe , some dressed up as merchants and some resembled peasants. Their dresses and expression both were different. The only thing that was the same was that the swords in their hands were all pointed at the person they surrounded.’


the besieged man was about twenty seven or eight. He was holding a long sword in his hands despite being injured. The blood kept flowing out and stained grass under his feet. But he still stood tall and looked at everyone with a cold expression like a general who wants to fight the enemy to the death.


Although the group of people surrounded the man , their eyes were mostly on the bag of the man.


“Yan Yingzou , leave the things behind , and we will let you live.” a man dressed as a military commander lifted the big knife in his hand and pointed at the black man Yan Yingzou.


A Small smile appeared on his face with a hint of ridicule , “it was once heard that General Zengfu in Beizhou would slaughter everyone in the city fro three days everytime he conquered a city. There are countless souls under his sword. Today is actually great , I , Yan Yingzhou , is extremely compassionate.”


This sentence not only ridiculed Zeng Fu’s untrustworthiness , but also sarcastically pointed out his cruel nature. Sure Enough , Zeng Fu was angry and about to speak out. A man dressed as a scholar next to him shook his folding fan and gently said , “Yan Yingzhou , today you will not be able to escape and you will leave that thing behind when you know the current state you are in. We can make your death easier.”


“Of Course I know , it is not possible to escape death today.”  Yang Yingzhou said calmly and then tightened the baggage on his back with the hand without holding the sword , ” its just , Gong Wudu , the poison in your fan has already harmed 20 of my subordinates. i have to take your miserable life before I can leave without worry.” At the end of his words , his sword pointed directly at Gong Wudu , his eyes colder and more sharper than his sword.


Gong Wudu killed countless people under his fan , but at this moment , he could not help but shudder under such a gaze. The people around instantly clenched the weapons in their hands , fully guarded.


The Four generals of “wild , frost , Snow and Rain” in Jizhou were famous all over the world and the person in front of them – the first of the four generals who became famous in the first battle of Chacheng as the “ferocious general” Yan Yingzhou. Along the way , they have seen that he has lived upto his name as the “one enemy equivalent to one hundred brave beasts.”


“Yan Yingzhou , you have been seriously injured today. It is already clear who wins and who losses.” The man dressed like a Peasant took a step forward , staring at Yan Yingzhou , raising his sword and shouting , “Everyone , Why be afraid? Let’s chop him into a thousand pieces , so we can go back and ask for our reward.”


“Okay ! The hero Lin Hualin is right , let’s kill Yan Yingzhou , and everything is ours.!” The merchant-dressed man took off the soft whip from his waist. Before the words fell , the long whip quickly flew out with a wave of his arm and directly took the bag on Yan Yingzhou’s back.


“Let’s attack.”


No one knew who yelled but several people shot their weapons to stab Yan Yingzhou. Although , Yan Yingzhou is injured , his moverments were still agile , his body shifted slightly sideways , and his left arm was raised. The long whip that was wrapped around his back was caught in his hand and as his body quickly returned and the merchant like person’s hand was caught by his whip and vigorously pulled closer to block the knife coming at him from Zeng Fu. He waved his right hand , the long sword had blocked the weapon coming at him from the side and he harnessed the power in his palm.


“Go!” there was a cold cry , those who hit on the sword felt the weapons began to shake together and the people who held the weapons felt a sharp pain and in the end , they could hardly hold on to them.


For a moment Yan Yingzhou forced several people back. The actions were simple and neat , making those who were watching could not help but wonder whether to wait for the fight to be fought over and take it all or to make a quick fight together.


“Let’s go too.”


Gong Wudu waved his folding fan and went in to kill him. The rest of the people followed the suit. For a while , there was the shadows of the sword and cries.


When everyone was attacking Yan Yingzhou , there was a young white-robed general watching him and four entourages followed him.


Although besieged and attacked by more than a dozen people, Yang Yingzhou was not afraid of anything. When the sword flew, it brought a dazzling blue light. Whenever the sword went , only the wailing and blood can be seen.


“Good Skill!” The Young White Robbed man thought to himself, his bright eyes filled with admiration.


As Yan Yingzhou in the siege knew that it was impossible to escape today , he only attacked and not defended and fought desperately with his life. It was just that the attackers were all skilled , and there were still so many of them and before long, several more wounds were added to his body , the blood was flowing more than he noticed , and the places where he walked were stained red.


Ugh ! The young general in white gently shook his head and looked at Yang Yingzhou’s slow movement due to aggravation of his injuries, revealing a look of regret.


“Yan Yingzhou , take your life!” hearing only a cold cry , Gong Wudu took the opportunity without any hesitation to pierce his iron fan , like a knife , straight into Yan Yingzhou’s chest.


Seeing the iron fan strike , yan Yingzhou’s figure shifted slightly to one side and when he was about to avoid , his action was slower by a beat and the iron fan pierced his ribs.


Gong Wudu saw he got him and just as he was about to be proud , he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. When he lowered his head , he saw that Yan Yingzhou’s steel sword had already pierce deep into his chest.

“I Said I would take your miserable life!” Yan Yingzhou gritted his teeth. He wanted to kill him even when he was struck with a fan.



Just as Gong Wudu opened his mouth and uttered a word, Yan Yingzhou quickly drew his sword. The blood spurted out and splashed all over him. Gong Wudu turned his eyes and fell down.


Yang Yingzhou drew his sword and stepped behind him but he was finally one step late. There was a tingling pain on his left shoulder. Zeng Fu’s knife pierced in from behind , and the blood rushed like a fountain instantly and his whole person became a blood man.


“You attacked from behind /…….. are you still a general of the country?” Yan Yingzhou took a cold breath and glared.


“Huh ! who is a gentleman at this time!” Zeng Fu coldly snorted without shame , the knife is still embedded in Yang yingzhou’s body. Watching the severely injured person under the knife , he can’t help but felt a burst of delight in his heart. And his left hand reached to take bag on his shoulders straight.”You still…….ah !”


The Sword light flashed and Zeng Fu howled miserably, fainting on the ground , his hands had been cut off at wrists.


Yan Yingzhou took a step back when he succeeded. He drew out the knife embedded in his back with his backhand and threw it in the ground, with Zeng Fu’s severed hand still on the handle of the knife. The attackers shuddered and took a step back.


But aftet two severe injuries , Yan Yingzhou was finally exhausted. He shook and was about to fall on the ground , he struck his sword onto the ground. He knelt on one knee and looked up at the enemies around him. His eyes were fierce and bloodthirsty like an aura injured and violent beast. The people around him were suppressed by his aura and didn’t dare to move rashly.


Yan Yingzhou gasped for a moment , the slowly stood up and those surrounding them involuntarily moved back.


“come On ! Today , Yan yingzhou is fortunate to be able to meet all the heroes from the world….it will not be lonely to have everyone on death road with me.”


Yan Yingzhou laughed , raised the sword in his hand and pointed it straight ahead.


Standing directly in front of him was Lin Huai. At this moment , his adams apple  rolled , and he looked at the blood-stained “General Gale” in front of him with a horrified face. He could not help but step back…


Snapped ! Snapped ! Snapped ! Snapped !

Just as Lin Huai was frightened , there was a loud clapping noise in the forest, which seemed particularly abrupt in the midst of the slaying. Everyone was stunned and turned to look at the person who was clapping. It was the young white-robed general who stood by and watched.


The Young white Robed general stepped forward slowly , looking directly at Yan Yingzhou who was holding his sword waiting for the enemy and said clearly, “Yan Tingzhou , you really are a hero! Instead of dying the hands of these incompetent rats , I will fulfill your fame.”


When the words fell , he flew up and the silver spear in his hand was like a beam of white light piercing through thousands of miles of cloud , swift and beautiful , wrapped in an incomparable sharp stab towards Yan Yingzhou.


Yan Yingzhou stood still on the spot, holding the hilt of the sword tightly with his right hand , waiting for a shot from the air breaking wind. He could not hide , he could not only stand and wait , waiting for the silver spear to pierce his chest and then Yan Yingzhou sword will surely pierce the enemy’s chest.


The Silver Spear was shining and when he saw it was about to pierce Yan Yingzhou’s body , there was a flash of white electricity in the air, so fast that it disappeared before people could see it clearly , but as the white electricity disappeared so did the seriously injured Yan Yingzhou.


This change came so suddenly , not only everyone ws stunned , the young white-robed general was still at his original movements , the silver spear stretched straight and flat , as if it had pierced enemy’s body….but in fact , it did nothing. He stared at the tip of the gun , as if he could not believe that he would miss when he stabbed with all his might. He did not even know who or where his opponent was.




While everyone was stunned , a string of clear laughter suddenly sounded in the sultry and smelly forest. In an instant , it was as if a cool breeze swept by in the forest , and it was as if a clear ice spring water spouted out at once , the fishy smell faded , the sultry hear subsided , and a sense of coolness came from within.


“Interesting , Interesting…. To be able to watch such a show when I wake up.”


The clear voice sounded again and everyone followed the voice and saw a young woman in white leaning on a branch on a high tree three feet away , with her long black hair hanging straight down, her face is handsome and her lips are smiling , eyes half – open and half – closed , looking down at the crowd with a lazy look as if she had just woken up from a nap.


Everyone under the tree looked at such a peaceful woman and could not help but feel a little dazed.


For a moment , Lin Huai first asked , “May I dare tp ask this lady , who are you?”


The white clothed woman did not answer him, but smiled and said , “ Oh Hero Lin , You are stepping forward at this moment ! why did you back off against his three foot long sword just now?” when she spoke , she waved her hand and something came flying down into her hands.


Everyone could see clearly at this moment. It was Yan Yingzhou she was carrying, but he had fainted at this time , and a long white silk was still wrapped around his waist. It was this woman who saved him with the white silk just now.

“You!” Lin Huai who was ridiculed by the woman in white , could not help that his face was hot.


“Tsk , Tsk , even if this Yan Yingzhou is a hero , but at this time you have caused him to have only half a life left. It is really pitiful.” The white clothed woman held Yan Yingzhou in one hand and considered carefully. Shaking her head ang sighing , and a big man weighing a hundred pounds was held in her hands as easy as carrying a baby.


“You stinky lady , you don’t want to live anymore!” a rough voice sounded and sturdy man in the crowd stood out and pointed at the white clothed woman , yelling , “ if you are wise , put down Yan Yingzhou and go far away. Stinky…….”


Before the big man had finished speaking , everyone saw a flash of green light and with a snap his mouth was sealed tightly by a leaf.


“Your voice is too ugly. I don’t like to listen to you.” The white clothed woman put Yan Yingzhou on the tree branch casually and said leisurely, “ Moreover , your tone is too stinky , its better to close it.”


“Haa!” someone could not help but laugh but because of the big man’s fierce face , he hurriedly stopped.


But the big man’s face was very annoyed, he stretched out his hands to tear off the leaves of his mouth, his mouth was still aching , his heart was frightened and angry , but he really did not dare to speak again. It is obvious that the white clothed woman’s skills has reached the level of picking leaves and flying flowers that  can wound people to death, but the most terrifying thing is no one can see how she did it. One cannot avoid even seeing the leaves flying at you. If it were not for mercy , perhaps he was already on the same path with Gong Wudu.


Meanwhile , the merchant-like man stepped forward and spoke kindly, “ Lady , everyone here today is not an unknown person. Although you are good at martial arts , two fists are hard to beat four hands , so why don’t you go to your own way , and show some goodwill to us , and it will be easy to meet each other in future.”


“Oh Boss He Xun , you are really nice. No wonder your escort business is so prosperous.” The white clothed woman nodded to the merchant like person , clearly knowing the identity of this person , “Your words are so truthful that I am almost swayed.”



He-Xun was already well known in the region, so its not surprising that the white clothed woman recognized his identity. He only hopes that this woman can leave quickly. You must know how much experience he has in Jianghu to identify things and ;people accurately. Since this ladt still talks and laughs casually even when there is so many of them , her skill must not be bad and from the perspective of her actions , she is not a generation of idlers , so it is better to create less trouble. Besides the focus is only on the bag that Yan Yingzhou is carrying.


“It’s just…………” when everyone is about to breath a sigh of relief, the woman in white suddenly said another sentence.


“Just what…..” He Xun still asked kindly.


“As long as you can compensate for my loss , I will leave naturally.” The white clothed woman smiled leisurely.


“This is easy. I don’t know how much a girl needs?” He Xun heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this because he was a lover of money.


“I don’t want much.” The woman in white stretched out a finger.


“One hundred silver Taels.” He Xun asked tentatively.


The woman in white shook her head.


“A Thousand silver Taels?” He Xun asked again with a raised eyebrow.


The woman in white shook her head again.


“Does the girl want ten thousand silver leaves?” He Xun took a deep breath , “ISn’t that a lot much?”


“Neither , Neither.” The white clothed woman sighed and shook her head.


“Then Lady —-” He Xun did not know how much she wants, she could not ask for a million silver taels , right?


“Boss He Xun is really a businessman , but besides gold and silver , Can’t You offer something elsse?” The white clothed woman said playing with the white silk in her hands.


“ May you lady please make it clear.” He Xun didn’t bother to guess again.


“Oh ! The white-clother woman sighed for a long time. It seemed that He Xun could not understand the meaning and she felt a little regretful. “Originally , I was taking a nap but I was awakened by you when my dream was in full swing.”


He Xun looked at the woman in white, not knowing what she was going to say , and everyone around him frowned impatiently.


“Actually , a dream that was interrupted doesn’t matter much , but regarding this dream , it was a rare one in a thousand years!” The White Clothed Woman suddenly narrowed her smile and said solemnly , “ You know , I was dreaming that I was invited by Queen Mother Of The West. It’s so comfortable to go to Kunlun Fairy Mountain to taste the Qiong Jade Liquor and enjoy the fairy song and dance. In the end , she also bestowed me a Jade Pond Fairy Peach but when I was about to eat the fairy peach , you broke in and interrupted me. My Sweet Dreams , that I couldn’t follow through. Boss He Xun . don’t you think this is serious?”


“What? You have mad eit clear that you are playing with us !” Lin Huai couldn’t help cursing angrily when he heard this.


“Tsk….Tsk….” The white clothed woman shook her head and looked at Lin Huai , her face reappeared with a smile, “ Where am I playing you? I am serious. You must know that this yao pond fairy peach is different. If you eat it , you can live forever. Ranked highly in the fairy realm , wont you say that this is something many people have dreamt of. It is because of you that I did not eat it. The loss is so heavy. So Of Course m, you have to pay me back.”


“Does this girl want us to pay you a Yao Pond Fairy Peach?” He Xun also changed his expression, showing a bit of sullen air.


“Of Course!” The white-clothed woman waved her hand and her long white silk danced in to a peach shape in the air , “ As long as you pay me The Yao Pond Fairy Peach , I will leave , but for this Yan Yingzhou…” her eyes sided down and took a look at passed out Yan Yingzhou , “ Or Xuanji , whatever thing , I have no interest in it.”


After hearing her last words , everyone present changed their faces , staring at the woman in white , with murderous intent in their eyes.


“It seems that this lady is picking for trouble.” He Xun’s face became cold and he quietly grasped a hidden weapon in his right hand, “ its just my last word of advice to you , girl. There are almost all the heroes from all the countries present today, if you mess around here , all six states will be offended. Although the world is big , I am afraid , girl , you will have no place to hide in the future.”


“Its really an honor for the heroes of all countries to gather together.” The woman in white still smiles after hearing this. “It’s just that I have always been unable to distinguish pearls from fish eyes , so I really can’t see how many of you are heroes , but from your deeds its more appropriate to call you bears.”


“You !” He Xun could not help getting angry no matter how good his temper is. He thought that after some persuasion , no matter how strong the woman is , she should have some worries. Who knew that she actually ridiculed the heroes of Six States? Noticing that the angry of every present person is rising , he did not say much , his left palm leaned towards the weapon , planning to kill this one person in one fell swoop with all his strength.


Just as he was about to start , the Young White-Robed General who had been silent for a long time since The White – Robed Woman appeared , suddenly said, “ Dare I ask if its Heroine Feng?”



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