Historical Fiction Romance

Get a Master to Be Husband – Prologue

Get a Master to Be Husband 

作 者 (Author):长公子流苏 (Zhang Go Zi LiuSu)


“Wu wu…hurts…master slowly…”

“Be good, it won’t hurt in a bit!”

A group of people gather outsides the door, wishing somehow their eyes could penetrate thru the door to see what is really happening insides, while inside he room, a girl is lying flat down with tears breaming her eyes, “Master, how could you beat my bottom, now my bottom is splitting open!”

“Master, they all said you must have been blinded to take me on as your disciple.”

“You’re angry?” arching his eyebrows he was about to comfort his beloved disciple when she continued, “Why should I? What they said is the truth after all, since when you accept me as your disciple you were blinded!”

“…. …”

“Master, there are a lot of people asking for my hand in marriage, do you have any requirements?”

“None, as you like!” with that someone disciple set 3 conditions, must be more handsome than my master, you’re able to win my master in duel, younger than my master and with an innocent looks, “Master you’re invincible, so as I like!”


Chapter 1: Who push her?

Chapter 2: Are …you human?

Chapter 3: Miss Please Behave

Chapter 4: You can’t escape

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