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Get A Master to be Husband – Chapter 2: Are….you human?

Chapter 2: Are….you human?


Looking at the demon walking towards her step by step, Luo YiXin’s legs trembled even more severely, and her tears started to drop. What kind of evil deed did she do previous life? That she transmigration into a golden finger (金手指 is to indicate lucky however in this case it’s more like the girl is being sarcastic)

It’s done! It’s done!

“Hold on!”

Yu LiuSu spoke out, upon hearing his voice, Liu YiXin eyes fallen on the figure clad in white robe.

“Mo YouMing, she just happen to be a human who survive by chance, this is our fight, there’s no need to kill her!”

Upon hearing Yu LiuSu’s words, Luo YiXin nodded her head and add on fiercely, “ That’s right, you guys dueling why the need to kill a mere human like me, you duel with him, duel with him!”

Pointing at Yu LiuSu, Luo YiXin quickly regretted her action, blood stain is all over him not to mention he had just help her and also he seems to have been blinded, isn’t she being a bit too much, can he win that Mo YouMing in this condition?

Mo YouMing glance over at Yu LiuSu, a sinister smile lifted a corner of that bloodthirsty mouth that make her tremble, this guy, is so bloodthirsty and violent, where the hell had she transmigrated to? Isn’t there still human around?

“Er…big…big brother, I won’t disturb you guys duel then, I will just go!”

Taking a deep breath, Luo YiXin finally managed to finally able to lifted her foot however she hasn’t even took 2 steps before she was suddenly lifted up and throw across the plain smashing into a big tree, eyes dazzle her eyes before she black out…


Not sure how long had passed, Luo YiXin finally woke up to headache, body ache, almost like been deal in by someone, a pain that almost make one fall apart.

“I’m still alive?”

Luo YiXin’s first reaction was too take a glance and not seeing Mo YouMing around making her heave a breath of relief

There she goes, she had just transmigrated over where will it be game over so fast?!

“Don’t know if that Yu LiuSu is dead or not…”

Yet to finish her sentence, she saw a white figure walking towards her, upon seeing him, Luo YiXin quickly lie down pretended to be dead.

“Are you awake?”

A jaded likes voice that flow like the March spring breezing by, sounded so pleasing.

Luo YiXin open her eyes, remember what Mo YouMing said, quickly stood up and look at Yu LiuSu, there are blood stain all over his white robe, his white long hair casually draping behind him looking as fine as silk like, with eye brow as delicate as a woman, though his eyes is swollen right now and couple with snowy white skin, he is really peerless and a very beautiful man.

“Are you listening?”

Yu LiuSu asked again, he can felt she is here and is already awaken too.

Luo YiXin snapped out, “Yes, but, you…blinded?”

Yu LiuSu answered, “My eyes was injured by Mo YouMing, however will not be blinded!”

“That’s means it’s a temporarily blindness!”

Luo YiXin walked to him, looking at this dashing looking man from the historical period, honestly, he can take a light to the LiBai from Feng QiuHuang, and he is really good looking.
(凤求凰/Feng QiuHuang – a games story she is playing)

“You’re called Yu LiuSu?”


“Can you bring me out? I do not know how to go out!”

She somehow got transmigrated into this world when Lou YiFei thrown Lou YiXin down that cliff killing the original Luo YiXin with her here taking over her place, however she need to think of a way to return to her own world.

“I’m powerless now, so I bring you out.”

Luo YiXin’s lips corners gave a slight twitch, this guy, powerless, that doesn’t mean he want to stay here forever with her?

Luo YiXin took a look at the surrounding, they are surrounded by mountains, with him and her all alone, he will not…

“Yu LiuSu, are you …human?


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