Historical Fiction Romance

Get A Master to be Husband: Chapter 1: Who Push Her?

Chapter 1: Who Push Her?



A booming sound echoing through the whole MoShou Mountain which is dangerous and forbidden to the humans, and at the same times a white light beam through the sky towards a girl lying at the bottom of the cliff, which has the girl fingers move.

“Luo YiXin, I can’t accept it!

The ears keep buzzing with the girl’s echo of unwillingness to accept the facts and memories from the girls pour in.

Luo YiXin, 13 years, Luo Family first daughter, a mute, no cultivation talent, was regarded as ‘trash’ by the Luo Family, no love from both mother and father, if not because of her status as the first daughter in the family, she wouldn’t have been driven out of the family long ago.

Yesterday was Luo YiXin 13 years old birthday, was trick by her 2nd sister, luring her to the cliff and throw her off to her death.

“What the heck, did I just travel through a parallel universe?!”

Luo YiXin, stood up slowly and look at her blood stain clothes, scratches and aches of pain covering her body making her twitches in pain.


Luo YiXin startled and tremble in fright as the explosion sounded again, hiding behind the big tree, two figures, one black one white striking across and landed in the big opening space, as the mist of the black and white slowly faded, two human figures gradually became visible.

“Yu LiuSu, today will be your death day!”

“Got guts just come on”

The white figure spoke with the sharp tone that Luo YiXin couldn’t help but curious to see what he actually look like.

“Good, today I will let you know the fate of going against me!”

The black figure fly toward Yu LiuSu and attack him with palm strike, surrounding him with a surge of black mist, Luo YiXin was rooted and frighten looking at the scene in front of her bewildered: Oh my god, where the hell had she transmigrated to?

“Save him!”

A demon-like voice sounded, and before Luo YiXin couldn’t regain her wit, she felt like she was propelled out into the open, causing her to fly towards the black figure…


“Who push her!”


The black mist flicker and a stern voice sounded, before Luo YiXin could react she was smashed into the ground, and it aches like as if her bones had been broken into pieces.

“Big…big brother, don’t rush, it’s just me!”

Luo YiXin swallow her pain and stood up, smiling, she look at the


When Yu LiuSu heard ‘human’, his brows lifted in disbelief, how can there be a human here?

“DaGe(Big Brother), I didn’t mean to be here, I was push down the cliff by someone, lucky enough to escape death, and just woke up, I swear, I didn’t really mean to disturb you guys.”

As the black mist gradually faded, a man looking like the devil stood in front of her. In fact the demon is a very dashing looking man that is even enchanting except that he is exuding a evilness that giving off the dangerous feeling to those who came across him.

“Er…why don’t you guys continue; I will just go?”

Luo YiXin couldn’t speak, and her feet is frozen and won’t move as if she is rooted there.

“Spoiling BenZun (my) good turn, and yet walking away?

Upon hearing this, Luo YiXin’s face color changed, “DaGe (BigBrother), I really didn’t do it on purpose, can’t you just do a good deed, just pretend that I was never here before at all?”

Leg, can you just let me walk ah?!

Luo YunXi felt like crying, her legs is shaking badly and can’t even move a step at all.

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